I had an accident yesterday. Quite underwhelming really. Thinking back now, I feel like I can wholeheartedly put my faith in the power of ‘Karma‘. But let me start from the beginning.

A couple of family friends came over in the evening. We decided to have dinner together and so pizza it was. I grabbed a brand new post-it pad from the coffee table to scribble down our orders. Absentmindedly, I removed the post-it pad’s plastic cover and placed it on the coffee table. I told myself that I will throw it away after calling the pizza delivery guy. Naturally, I forgot all about it and during the course of dinner, the plastic cover got blown off the table and landed near the table leg. I didn’t notice that AT ALL.

Later during the night, I ran towards the coffee table to pick up my phone and slipped on THAT plastic cover. I tried to prevent my fall (which was successful) but in that process, I ended up ramming my second toe hard into the table leg. The sound from that impact was quite honestly frightening. For a second I thought I broke something; the table maybe – my parents were absolutely shocked. Here’s the interesting thing; slipping, falling, knocking things over, dropping things – these are a constant in my life. I’m an absolute klutz and a magnet for all sorts of trouble. At this point since accidents like this are second nature to me, I brushed off the redness in my toe thinking that it would be better tomorrow. (hell no)

This morning, it was swelling and ridiculously stiff. The pain was way past the level it should be for a sprain. My mom had a feeling it could be a fracture so off to the clinic I went. Rightly so, it was indeed a fracture. I guess I finally used up my luck from getting off easy with all those previous accidents heh. So here I sit now, with my foot propped up by 2 pillows – just amazed at everything that has happened. Given my limited mobility at the moment, I’m just left to my thoughts.

Fast-forward to ‘Karma’. Karma is a rather powerful and ancient Cosmic law of cause and effect. In layman terms; ‘”what goes around comes around”, “you reap what you sow”, “The Boomerang Effect”.  Literally, if I had remembered to throw away that plastic cover (which I grudgingly did afterwards) it wouldn’t have landed on the floor and I wouldn’t have slipped. The beauty of this is that Karma can be applied to any situation. Think about it. All our actions have consequences. Regardless of how direct it is or how long it takes, we WILL eventually face that consequence. I think this was a reminder from the Universe for me; to be mindful, don’t be careless (with your actions OR words).

This fracture couldn’t have come at a better time. Looking at my wrapped up toe now, I can just imagine the cracks in the bone and how they will eventually heal over the next few weeks. Accidents happen. But we learn how to deal with them, don’t we? This got me thinking, isn’t life like this as well? Situations happen, PEOPLE happen. The pressure builds. Some of us are more durable pressure cookers, so we withstand it. But after crossing that ultimate threshold, anyone would crack and breakdown. We become fractured. But because this is on such a large emotional scale, we don’t realize that healing is very much possible. In fact on a subconscious level, we start to heal immediately. The beautiful complexity that is our brain already has a detailed plan on how to fix the situation. It merely waits for us to ACT upon it. Without realizing this, we consciously try to freeze that healing process. We mope around, get depressed, lose the motivation to move forward. Yet this is exactly like a bone fracture. Something breaks but gets fixed eventually. Life is like that too. We break but the pieces are still lying around. Look at them closely, pick ’em up and put Yourself back together. Get fixed, get stronger.

Thank You Universe, for the lessons learnt. 

Kicking off August with a swell start indeed. Get it? Swell, fractured toe?
I’ll stop here. /cheeky grin/