I’m a huuuuge ‘quotes’ person. I like to think that I have a quote for everything and anything that happens to me. But since I’m hugely introverted, a lot of them tend to just float around in my head and then fade into memories. So I thought I would compile a few of my most important quotes that have gotten me through so much shit. (:

When I want to be my absolute best:
You did not wake up today to be mediocre.

When there’s a problem:
Deal with it.

When I’m lost:
Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

When I realize I need to be more empathetic:
Everyone You meet is fighting a battle You know nothing about. Be kind.

When I need confidence/reassurance about my actions:
Don’t ever apologize for the fire in You.

When I’m happy:
Smile, happiness looks gorgeous on You.

These are 6 very common instances that I seem to face most frequently. Gentle reminders to pick myself up or to tell myself that everything will be okay. I hope that as You read these words, any one of those quotes ring a bell in You. Maybe put a smile on Your face or nudge You in the direction that You are destined to take. I can only say that these quotes have pulled me back from the path of hell numerous times; may they have the same positively life-changing impact on Your lovely soul as well.

I promise to share more in the future! Till then, sending loads of less-than-threes / ❤ Your way!